It is an ancient Indian knowledge.
It hails woman.
It worships woman.
Woman is God.
Woman alone has the power to create.

Woman is the base of all creations.
Woman is the director,
anywhere and everywhere.
Man is someone who acts
as per the wishes of woman.
It means, man is a tool of woman.
This is the rule of nature and this can’t be changed.

Hence, if a man has to grow and shine in life,
woman has to be appreciated and pampered.

Life is a circle.
Woman is the centre of that circle.
She is the centre of a family.

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Man is someone who revolves around that centre.
Children are the connecting points of woman and man.

Only if the centre is fine, the family wheel can rotate well.
Hence, it is the duty of the man to protect woman.

Woman has to keep her man happy.
And, only if the woman is happy,
her husband can succeed in his profession.
A woman has to keep her children happy.
Only if the children are happy, their learning ability will be good.

Moreover, the whole quality of a family lies in the hands of its woman.
Likewise, the honour of husband is dependent on the characteristics of his wife.

Wife is the Minister of a family.
Her knowledge is the knowledge of the family.

Woman’s cooking determines the life span of the family.
Woman’s cleanliness protects the health of her family.

Sexual pleasure provided by woman is the main reason for the mental and physical well-being of man.
If a wife refuses sex, a man’s brain will not work.
No matter how talented he is, he will get defeated.
He will soon become sick and will die soon.

Hence, everything of a man, from his life span to knowledge, lies in the woman and her vagina.

Buddhatvam “yosit-yoni-samasritam”
Enlightenment resides in sexual parts of women.

Each and every man should treat his wife like an angel.
Tantra says, if a man treats his wife like an angel, she not just upgrades his life, but will also keep her surroundings as heaven.

What is meant by treating wife like an angel?
A man can’t make his wife feel like an angel by just providing her external pleasures like a huge house, costly vehicles, jewels in large quantities, sarees and servants.

He should make her innerself happy by providing her the height of sexual happiness without fail.
At the same time, a man should not view his wife as an object of lust and pleasure.

This is the first step of Tantric knowledge.